Saturday, 4 April 2015

Intel introduced the new Core i 3, Pentiym desktop and mobile processors

The week after the launch of the 4-processor Intel Celeron and Pentiym Brasvel so many desktop and mobile Core i processors 3 and Pentiym has launched.
U launch mobile processors: the Pentiym 3825, core and core Ai3-5020 Ai3-50l5u Pentiym G U and desktop processors are: 3260, 3260 Pentiym g t t Pentiym G 3460, G 3470 Pentiym, Ai3-4l70 core, core and core i 3 Ai3-4l70ti * 4370 T.
Desktop processors like Pentiym G 3260, G-3260 T Pentiym, Pentiym G 3460 T, Pentium G 3470, Ai3-4l70 core, core and core Ai3-4370ti price Ai3-4l70ti respectively 64 billion (Rs 4,000), $ 75 (Rs 4,700 crore), 86 billion (Rs 5,300), $ 117 (Rs 7,300 crore) and 138 dollars (about Rs 8,600) is.
According to sources, the mobile processor architecture is based on 14 nm Brodvel. 15 W TDP (Thermal Design Power) All models come with Hyper-Threading technology, which makes it worth taking two threads each processor core.
New Seven desktop processors various features: 4 Pentium brand processors, two cores, Intel HD graphics and 3 MB L2 cache, 3 Core i 3 processors, two cores with Hyper-Threading .3.3 GHz with the Intel Pentium G 3260 53 W TDP rating. 2.9 GHz Pentium G 3260 T 35 W TDP rating of power while in the 3 GHz Pentium G 3460 Cable with Power 35 W TDP rating. In 3470, 3.6 GHz Pentium G 53 TDP rating of power.

Similarly, three new Core i 3 Prosesrs- core and core Ai3-4l70 Ai3-4l70 respectively 3.7 GHz and 3.2 GHz is power.